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About Us

We have more than 40 years of experience in this industry

Kims Marketing Pte Ltd is an Authorized Distributor of Mobil Lubricants, operating and specializing in the Singapore Marine and Offshore market. We offer a comprehensive range of Mobil Industrial and Marine lubricants in a variety of packaging from bulk, drums, pails to convenient cartridges.

Kims has been in the lubricant industry for the past 41 years and are proud to represent Mobil Lubricants to service the domestic Marine and Offshore industry. Throughout the years, Kims have progressed from a basis transportation company to a dedicated lubricants partner that specializes specifically in Marine and Offshore requirements.

We have more than 40 years of experience in this industry Image

The Authorized Distributor of Mobil Lubricants

We have more than 40 years in the marine lubrication industry servicing the domestic marine & Offshore Industry, and we were appointed global reseller for Exxon Mobil lubricants, largest global refiner of lube basestocks and the largest global marketeer of finished lubricants.

We have an extensive global distribution network with over 400 ports worldwide and we deliver goods to Singapore waters & Outside Port Limits (OPL). Our distribution network also covers Sumatra, Riau Island and across Indonesia.

We also provide technical consultation and lab testing to achieve long term operational goals for the customer and a 24/7 service through an operationally-ready platform while ensuring around-the-clock stock availability for our customers.

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Premium Quality Mobil Lubricants and Greases

Developed with close Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) involvement, premium, quality Mobil branded lubricants are engineered for excellence.

They are also comprehensively lab and field tested, and typically formulated to exceed industry and OEM requirements.

It is continuously improved by research and maintain leading edge performance, and is spearheaded by an unparalleled suite of synthetic lubricants for the most demanding of applications.

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Sales and Technical Support

We employ a team of experienced sales and technical support people that have been trained to meet the highest standards of product knowledge and customer service.

We seek to offer solutions and ideas to solve your lubrication problems in the Marine and Offshore industry.

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