Extended Oil Life

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Customized Extend Oil-Drain Interval Program

Introducing the Mobil Serv Oil Drain Optimization Program

Discover how to maximise the value of your marine high speed engine oil

Up to two thirds of high speed engine vessel operators are not getting the best value from their engine oil. Data shows that up to 75% of high speed engine vessels have their engine oil changed on or before OEM-recommended time limits, but of that number, just 11% actually required a change of oil.

Optimising engine oil drain intervals can help operators resolve this discrepancy, which has the potential to reduce operating costs while also improving safety by decreasing human/machine interaction. The key to obtaining these benefits is to work with a supplier that has the technical expertise and tools to help you achieve those goals.

That is why we are offering the Mobil Serv Oil Drain Optimization Program. It has been developed to help operators of high speed engine vessels select the right engine lubricants and optimise oil drain intervals.




Reduced lubricant

Improved services


Reduced lubricant expenditure and an associated cut in used oil disposal and labour costs

Improved safety due to reduced human machine interaction from reduced oil change frequency

Enhanced sustainability from reduced oil wastage and disposal


As part of the programme, we will work operators to develop a customised planned maintenance service schedule. This will be specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers’ vessels, based on their operation characteristics and business objectives. Our recommendations will include three elements:

  • Lubricant selection
  • Optimal oil drain interval
  • Used oil sampling schedule


Supported by ExxonMobil’s field engineers, we will work with you to assess your engine oil requirements, run field demonstration and perform regular monitoring using Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, ExxonMobil’s next generation oil monitoring service.


Contact us to find out how you can benefit from the Mobil Serv Oil Drain Optimization Program.